What Time Is It?

In 2012, the husband-and-wife team of Peter and Carolynn Morris thought about putting up a place where wine lovers and enthusiasts could gather to enjoy fine wine at great prices. Peter having once owned and managed a hotel and restaurant in Collingwood and Melbourne, they were eager to try something new. 

For Carolynn who has been involved in the Gisborne community for more than 27 years, the time had come for their brilliant idea. After more than five years of passionate planning and searching for that perfect spot, Wine O’ Clock WINE BAR came to be and opened August 2017!

Wine O’ Clock Mission Statement and Policy

What We Are

Wine O’ Clock provides a warm and friendly environment with great wine and a selection of beers, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. It is our vision to provide a stylish and welcoming venue for adults to relax and enjoy a drink, whether with partners, friends or individuals wanting to relax or meet other people.

Initially, we will have some snacks available. So that you may fully enjoy the beverages we have, we permit customers to bring in food from restaurants and cafés nearby. We will be making the necessary adjustments on this aspect along the way as we grow.

On some nights, we will be featuring exclusive live performances. Depending on the performers we will be having on such occasions, we may have to ask customers to pay a cover charge.

What We Are Not

Since we are not a coffee shop, the hot drinks available are limited to white or black Dolce Gusto coffee or tea. We are not a late-night venue and will be open until 11:00 in the evening only. Nevertheless, we allow our guests to finish the last drinks they have ordered for 30 more minutes. We are neither a nightclub nor a hotel and we will not serve cocktails or shots but only basic spirits, fine whisky and liqueur.

Our Policy, Our Promise

  • We will make all customers welcome and provide a safe environment.
  • We will provide you with friendly, professional service but always with responsibility.
  • We will meet our obligations under the Liquor Control Act and will always treat people with respect.
  • We hope you will do the same.
  • We encourage you to drink in moderation as we want you to arrive home safely.

To learn about live performances scheduled in the nights to come, give us a call. You may also get in touch with us for reservations.